10 in 10 {January}

These pictures were taken in a 10-hour span on MLK Day.

As part of Ginger Unzueta’s Everyday Beauty Workshop, I had the wonderful assignment of capturing beauty in the everyday with 10 images in a 10-hour span. It was a gloriously sunshiny day in the 70s…in January! My heart is overflowing with thanksgiving as I think about this weekend and this day. The boys came home from their first hunting trip this morning. As we pray for good friendships here in Austin, God continues to show himself faithful. A group of dads and boys invited my men on this hunting trip, which was a huge blessing. They had a great time and are looking forward to another guys’ gathering where their dove will be the main fare. While they were gone Gia and I went to lunch and snuggled up and watched Cinderella. I never get tired of that movie.  Today Gia played outside and gave Shiloh a checkup, among other things. Oh, to be five!

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