In the Woods

366 {October Hits}

It’s been a fun month of football, parties and precious time with family and friends. I am super grateful for our community, the larger community of Austin and the smaller circles we huddle up in and walk through life with. I don’t really pull out my camera and shoot Bible study, LifeMoms, our life group, the moms at pickup, hanging out with my parents or our family as we sit around and watch TV. But those moments are the best. We did celebrate G’s BD…how in the world are we so very blessed with this amazing girl? We cannot imagine life without her. God plans are always the best ones. We are so glad we said YES to Him seven years ago.

with a friend who has blessed my girl so much103116-7our wonderful friends have folded us into this fall tradition, and we look forward to it every year103016v2-1

103016v3-1finally lost that tooth she’s been working on a looong time…tooth-10celebrating… gbd-7 images from photography class assignments…2016-11-01_00032016-10-14_00042016-10-25_00012016-11-01_0001

senior picture shoot…2016-11-01_0005October flowers in bloom…2016-11-01_0004football…101416lines-3home…102716

Thanksgivings: photography, a friend who inspires me at the gym, Revelation…amazed as I study this book, the presence of God, my hard-working husband who still brings me coffee in the morning and does laundry on the weekends…he is the best.

Profound quote I can’t stop thinking about:  “And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. His eyes are a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems; and He has a name written on Him which no one knows except Himself. He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God…and on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.” Revelation 19:11-16

Next in our blog circle is Francesca. Her love for her children shines through her documentary photography…such an inspiration.


366 {September Hits}

There is no rhyme or reason to my images in September. Just snippets of life, experiments and interesting random viewpoints, virtually all outdoors. The sun reappeared in September, along with Friday night football and schedules. I’m thankful for this awkward month, still straddled between summer and school routines and blaring alarm clocks. Only the dog is still enjoying lazy days…sept13-2sept15-1sept5-40sept17septfbsept26-4sept27v2-4september-gameseptember-sunsept4-40Next up in our Project 366 circle is my beautiful friend Margaret. Her September images and the thoughts that go along with them are so full of meaning.

I’m thankful for: Jesus, who is my sweet Savior and Friend, my Monday morning tribe of women, our couples small group, my prayer warrior friends and mom who lifted me up so much this month, safe travels for W, togetherness, Pure & Faultless.

Profound song I can’t quit thinking about: And Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll; The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend, Even so, it is well with my soul. 


366 {August Hits}

We had some fun firsts this month! For the first time in years (actually, since I was 18), my mom and I got to spend our birthdays together. What a gift! Also G started 1st grade, E got a tattoo, football started and it rained half the month. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much rain in August. I also started dabbling in freelensing and some film. Speaking of film, Alyssa created a gorgeous film of her family this month. I’m so inspired by her work!

Here are a few slices of time from our August here in ATX:

august20-2 august30-2 Aug9-1 Aug20-1 Aug11-1 Aug14-1aug25-25august-31august-32august-40

One of my favorite days this month was capturing these sweet girls in the rain:

Thanksgivings: Family birthday celebrations, buckets of rain, our friends, cherry pie, Psalm 145, painting the upstairs…finally, early morning workouts with William

Profound quote I can’t stop thinking about: “Death to self is the radical commandment of the Christian life. You don’t lose a seed when you plant it, though it seems dead and buried. Instead, you set the seed free to be what it was always intended to be.” David Guzik


366 {July Hits}

Bike rides, swimming and my kids constantly in the fridge… hello, July. The crepe myrtles are blooming, the heat is soaring and I’m grateful for the lazy days of summer.

june20-1june23-1june17-1july-1 july2-1 july11-1july4-2july9-1july14-1july26-1july12-1july13-1julyv2-1july28-1july27-1

Thanksgivings: Saturday mornings at Town Lake and Taco Deli, the United States celebrating the 4th, cherries, swimming holes and swimming pools, precious time with my boys, college road trips, waking up sans alarm, quiet mornings with William and Jesus.

Profound quote: “God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies.” Philippians 4:9 MSG 

Now check out Francesca.  Her July 366 is a wonderful glimpse into summer in New York!

366 {June Hits}

Summertime, summertime. I love that my bestie took time out of her life to come visit me. It’s so refreshing and wonderful to step out of life and soak up the sun with a long-time friend. We read books, hiked, and talked and talked.

june-dina-8After she left, well, it was time to visit some colleges, so we cranked up Willie and Waylon and put a few miles on the Highlander. What’s not to love about blue Texas skies, Buc-ee’s, and scorching campus tours? I love road trips.june-trip-8While E and I were on the road, Christian and William were in Maryland for lacrosse.  Another weekend was spent in Dallas enjoying a long weekend of  lacrosse and Gas Monkey and visiting family.June3-8 June5-8june-cars-8Favorites from the rest of the month…June6-8


June20-8june-flag-8June27-8 june-pool3-8June29-8


Thanksgivings: Dad +  Gia = hours of Uno, that swimming pool, Austin, sleeping late, cooking, discovering a few cool fitness apps, my new phone, the book of Mark, my growing-up-too-fast boys, watching Gia love life.

Profound quote I can’t stop thinking about:  I can’t think of a thing I heard that was profound this month. It’s summer!

Now head on over to Alyssa, who shares some delightful images from her June.



366 {May Hits}

This month was full of the beginnings of summer and the endings of a school year. Ballet and theatre recitals for Gia, finals for the boys, end-of-school parties and the last day of school. We are ready for summer here and enjoying sleeping in and sleeping under the stars. As usual, our 366 group posted some inspiring and beautiful work. Please follow the blog circle to Alyssa and enjoy her hits this month!

May10-8May12-8 May13-8 May15-8May15v2-8May23-8May18-8

366 {April Hits}

We’re a few short weeks from summer and the pace of life is rapid as we run from one thing to another, all of it so good, yet all of us needing to breathe. I guess that’s why, as I compiled my favorites this month, I love these first images. They don’t really tell a story of busyness, but of the spring around us…vibrant and lovely.

1april-21april-101april-71april-121april-91april-42016-04-30_00011april-5Other happenings in April:

Gia lost her first tooth.1april-14Mom and I went to the capitol and joined others in praying for our nation and the upcoming election.1april-15Dad played many (as in hours!) games of Uno with Gia.1april-13

This 366 has been so fun, and I’m loving our 366 blog circle. Next up is Alyssa in Vancouver. It turns out Alyssa and I have a few things in common: vegetarianism, a love of list making, and people frequently misread our facial expressions! Yes, we are happy.

Thanksgivings: My dad staying with us a for a week, my photography class, wildflowers everywhere, lunch with a good friend on a hard day, a phone call from my bestie up north, talking with my husband about our kids…the dreams, the hopes, the fears and wrapping our hands together in prayer, fantastic books that kept me up way too late.

Profound quote I can’t stop thinking about: “Love never fails. Never.” I Corinthians 12:8 + me


{March Hits}

My favorites from March definitely come from our vacation, but there was lots of beauty in this month.

I didn’t realize I have such a fascination with people walking…especially G with her favorite people/dog!march16-1marchFAV (1 of 1)Mar-1Thankfully, nature captured me too.Mar30-27march23-1marchFAV (9 of 1)-2And finally some everyday life…waiting for lacrosse practice to end, Easter, family, hanging out and lemonade.2016-04-01_0002Thanksgivings: the ocean, the gift of friends spending part of their break with us, catching up with visiting aunts & uncles, tulips and bluebonnets, my hard-working, handsome husband, dinner at my mom and dad’s.

Profound quote I can’t stop thinking about: “The resurrection of Jesus changed everything. You cannot change yourself. That’s why it’s called salvation.” Randy Phillips

Next up in the 366 Hits Blog circle is Alyssa. I always enjoy her beautiful documentary photography. She captures childhood so beautifully this month!

Way Down the Road

Our family — minus one kid — took a wonderful road trip across the Southeast over break. The miles flew and we eventually said goodbye to our glorious Texas sky.fltrip-1Many years ago we went on swamp tour near New Orleans. The trees were enormous, the moss hanging down beautifully. I remember feeling like I was in a movie.  It was fun to bring our kids this time around, although this swamp was completely different.2016-03-29_0006And then we crossed several states and were in beautiful Florida. Just pure wonder.fltrip-8fltrip-9fltrip-13fltrip-31Days ended with sunset walks and frisbee along the beach. fltripHI-10fltrip-19fltrip-20Another beach day…fltrip-28 fltrip-30Because we can’t stay still for long, we hopped in the car and went exploring…and eating. fltrip-23fltrip-24fltrip-25fltrip-26fltrip-17fltrip-27fltrip-35After a long day we tucked ourselves in our sweeeet guesthouse out back. God was so good to us. We found this place last minute, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.fltrip-15 fltrip-16In the morning I would race out to catch the sunrise…only to find clouds. But the final morning I saw this…fltrip-37 fltrip-38Lord, you amaze me. Every day the skies are different, beauty just shouting Your glory. I sink my toes in the sand and marvel.fltrip-49fltrip-43fltrip-45fltrip-46fltrip-47fltrip-48Our last night of vacation was spent at Nottoway Plantation. The trees were massive, the fog thick in the morning.fltrip-57 fltrip-51fltrip-56fltrip-55fltrip-54I’m so thankful we were able to step out of normal life for a few days and take in the gorgeousness of this world, especially when so many crazy things are happening. It’s a gift to be still and breathe and see beauty and light all around.fltrip-39