February Favorites {365}

Sometimes I feel uninspired in my 365, and February was that kind of month. But as I look back, there is much to be thankful for: a quick trip to Chicago to visit family, a […]


January Favorites {365}

  The above pictures were taken from the car window while taking E back to college. Whirring by these snapshots of life far from the city is so fun. I love never knowing what’s around […]


In the Woods


366 {October Hits}

It’s been a fun month of football, parties and precious time with family and friends. I am super grateful for our community, the larger community of Austin and the smaller circles we huddle up in […]


366 {September Hits}

There is no rhyme or reason to my images in September. Just snippets of life, experiments and interesting random viewpoints, virtually all outdoors. The sun reappeared in September, along with Friday night football and schedules. […]


366 {August Hits}

We had some fun firsts this month! For the first time in years (actually, since I was 18), my mom and I got to spend our birthdays together. What a gift! Also G started 1st grade, E […]


366 {July Hits}

Bike rides, swimming and my kids constantly in the fridge… hello, July. The crepe myrtles are blooming, the heat is soaring and I’m grateful for the lazy days of summer. Thanksgivings: Saturday mornings at Town […]


366 {June Hits}

Summertime, summertime. I love that my bestie took time out of her life to come visit me. It’s so refreshing and wonderful to step out of life and soak up the sun with a long-time friend. […]


366 {May Hits}

This month was full of the beginnings of summer and the endings of a school year. Ballet and theatre recitals for Gia, finals for the boys, end-of-school parties and the last day of school. We are ready […]


366 {April Hits}

We’re a few short weeks from summer and the pace of life is rapid as we run from one thing to another, all of it so good, yet all of us needing to breathe. I […]