Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day blessings…my sons, my daughter, my husband, the promise of spending next Mother’s Day with my mom. Flowers, waterfalls, experiencing the mystery of a narrow trail and unchartered territory. Starbucks latte in the morning, worship with countless other women a bit later. The frustration of missed opportunities to mother well and experiencing the messy of relationship. Breaths of thanksgiving and offerings of praise for the now. And grace upon grace. It is always there for the taking. William gave me a sweet card. Gia drew several cards of love for her mama. The boys penned sweet thoughts about me in their card and brought me to tears. I said to them that their card was the best gift I could ever receive. Gia¬†quipped, “Even more than a cupcake?” We laughed. We ended the day around the table, and I wish I would have grabbed my camera to freeze in time the five of us around our table, our beautiful family knitted together by God, happy from sunshine and hiking, cool rushing water and catching tadpoles, cherry pie and love.

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