Way Down the Road

Our family — minus one kid — took a wonderful road trip across the Southeast over break. The miles flew and we eventually said goodbye to our glorious Texas sky.fltrip-1Many years ago we went on swamp tour near New Orleans. The trees were enormous, the moss hanging down beautifully. I remember feeling like I was in a movie.  It was fun to bring our kids this time around, although this swamp was completely different.2016-03-29_0006And then we crossed several states and were in beautiful Florida. Just pure wonder.fltrip-8fltrip-9fltrip-13fltrip-31Days ended with sunset walks and frisbee along the beach. fltripHI-10fltrip-19fltrip-20Another beach day…fltrip-28 fltrip-30Because we can’t stay still for long, we hopped in the car and went exploring…and eating. fltrip-23fltrip-24fltrip-25fltrip-26fltrip-17fltrip-27fltrip-35After a long day we tucked ourselves in our sweeeet guesthouse out back. God was so good to us. We found this place last minute, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.fltrip-15 fltrip-16In the morning I would race out to catch the sunrise…only to find clouds. But the final morning I saw this…fltrip-37 fltrip-38Lord, you amaze me. Every day the skies are different, beauty just shouting Your glory. I sink my toes in the sand and marvel.fltrip-49fltrip-43fltrip-45fltrip-46fltrip-47fltrip-48Our last night of vacation was spent at Nottoway Plantation. The trees were massive, the fog thick in the morning.fltrip-57 fltrip-51fltrip-56fltrip-55fltrip-54I’m so thankful we were able to step out of normal life for a few days and take in the gorgeousness of this world, especially when so many crazy things are happening. It’s a gift to be still and breathe and see beauty and light all around.fltrip-39

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